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Specimen Gate PatientCare

PatientCare software allows users to define follow up procedure templates for each disorder in the test panel. Each template is made up of individual tasks which, when executed properly, will lead to a diagnosis or case resolution. Workflows follow a linear path.

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Part Number: 5002-0130
  • As a global leader in newborn screening, Revvity was well-positioned to develop the world's first laboratory information management system specifically intended for newborn screening. Specimen Gate® software is the result of years of continuous development, and the product is widely used in all parts of the world.

    Patient cases are found through search folders and then worked with the following functions:

    • Management of open/closed action items
    • Viewing of specimen related test and result information
    • Note tracking and assignment to individual cases
    • Auditing of case related actions
  • Application
    Newborn Screening
    Specimen Gate®
    Research Areas
    Newborn screening
    Unit Size
    1 Each