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United in impact

What unites us is not technology or innovation, but what these things make possible.
Cutting-edge treatments, discovered and delivered faster.
Precise prediction and diagnostics that transform outcomes, and lives.
Novel solutions for the world’s greatest health challenges.
Together, we’re pushing the limits to bring next-generation solutions to every corner of our world.

Our difference.
Your advantage.

When you work with us, expect more. More collaboration. More breakthroughs. More impact.


Because we believe collaboration is about more than just providing products or services. It’s about supporting your search for an answer, and working together to chart a course from ‘what if?’ to ‘what’s next?’

Our difference:

  • Collaborative, customized relationships
  • Solutions that span the health science continuum, from discovery to diagnostics to delivery
  • A culture of embracing impossible and pushing the boundaries
  • Unwavering passion for bringing advanced health solutions to people around the world

Rapidly advancing breakthroughs

Health waits for no one. It’s up to us to move swiftly to create advanced solutions that tackle the greatest health challenges.

We provide you with the highest levels of performance, as rapidly as possible.

Our diverse portfolio of solutions powers your ability to:
  • rapidly-advancing-breakthroughs-01.png

    Deliver the highest level of precision in diagnostics

  • rapidly-advancing-breakthroughs-02.png

    Boost productivity in drug discovery

  • rapidly-advancing-breakthroughs-03.png

    Assess samples for multiple attributes in a single instrument

  • rapidly-advancing-breakthroughs-04.png

    Edit multiple genes simultaneously, efficiently, and accurately

  • rapidly-advancing-breakthroughs-05.png

    Automate full workflows from start to finish

Our goal is to make yours possible.

Whatever your goals are, we take a customized approach to help you reach and exceed them.


It’s how we helped Novartis expand newborn screening for sickle cell disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

Single Cell

It’s how we collaborate with our partners to expand the frontiers of single-cell biology – any cell, anywhere, any time.


How we are enabling Sampled with pre- and early-stage clinical testing & supported their ability to test 75,000 COVID-19 samples per day.


It's how we worked with Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy to pilot screening thousands of infants in NY to ensure their best chance for a healthy life.

Worldwide, we’re helping our customers and collaborators find success and improve outcomes. Together, we can expand the boundaries of human potential through science.

What challenge can we help you overcome?

We’re here to help.

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