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Research & Development

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Benefits - Research & Development

Complete workflows to transform your research:

  • Reduce time to market through streamlined, parallelized workflows
  • Reach critical mass earlier with validated assay kits
  • Gain deeper data insights for early target identification and validation
  • Solve urgent challenges by providing the tools to help you to develop novel therapeutic modalities, like targeted protein degradation or cell and gene therapy.

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    Genomic Analysis

    Eliminate your workflow challenges with our genomic analysis solutions. Our workflows increase your throughput and simplify your analysis.

    • Nucleic acid isolation
    • NGS workflows
    • Microplate readers
    • Microfluidic nucleic acid analysis
    • CRISPR technologies
    • RNA interference
    • Transfection and ancillary reagents
    • Oligonucleotide custom synthesis
    • cDNAs and ORF clones
    • Single-cell sequencing
    • Labeled nucleotides
    • Sample dissociation
    • Radiolabeled nucleotides
    • qPCR workflows
    • Library prep kits
    • Magnetic beads
    • Viral vector products
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    Protein Analysis

    Understanding proteins - their abundance and functions - is key to understanding and treating diseases. Our protein analysis solutions enable you to detect, analyze, and characterize proteins with accuracy and sensitivity.

    • Binding assays
    • Immunoassays
    • Microfluidic protein characterization
    • Microplate readers
    • Microplates
    • Radiometric solutions
    • Recombinant proteins
    • Sample dissociation
    • Western blotting
    • Functional magnetic beads
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    Cell Analysis

    Cells analysis is critical in research and development of new therapies and cures. Whether you are using cells as models of disease, to express proteins or as cure; our cell analysis solutions help you to make impactful discoveries.

    • Cell counting & image cytometry
    • Cell health & viability
    • Cell isolation
    • Cell lines
    • Cellular imaging & analysis
    • Flow cytometry antibodies
    • GMP reagents
    • Immunoassays
    • In vivo imaging
    • Microplates
    • Single-cell analysis
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    Research Solutions

    Researchers need to navigate a challenging path to develop effective therapies from bench to bedside. From basic research through to the development of new treatments, our solutions support researchers in addressing current and emerging challenges at each stage toward commercialization.

    • Cell and gene therapy
    • Biologics
    • Drug discovery - small molecules
    • Targeted protein degradation
    • Disease research
    • Target areas
    • Drug development
    • Methods
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