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On-demand Equipment Service

On-demand equipment repairs

Competent, qualified engineers are at your service whenever you need them. With our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts and up-to-date technical bulletins, you can be sure your instrument has the correct part to ensure smooth operation.

In addition, our dedicated Tier 3 advanced-level technical support teams and application specialists are always accessible on the rare occasions our engineers need them. When paired with our service contract offerings, our on-demand repair service keeps your lab running efficiently.

Visit our service contracts page to learn more.

On-demand preventative maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance offerings allow us to keep your instrument in perfect working condition. Whether it’s one service a year or several, we’re committed to minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency in your lab.

With our OEM replacement parts and our up-to-date technical bulletins, your instrument is always maintained to our recommend manufacturer specification.

Revvity’s service contract offerings provide the opportunity for our engineers to restore your instrument.

Visit our service contracts page to learn more.

Seamless upgrades, whenever you need them

Unsupported operating systems, hardware upgrades, outdated technologies — these are just a few reasons why it’s important to keep your instruments up to date with our upgrade options.

We bring your equipment up to speed to meet your lab’s requirements. This includes ensuring your equipment is using the latest software, running on the latest operating system, and has the most current technologies needed.

Request an upgrade to find out how we can meet your needs.

On-demand in-lab relocation

If you’re planning to relocate an instrument, our local engineers are here to make sure it moves from points A to B as swiftly and risk free as possible. Our services include:

  • Determining the best way to transport the instrument  
  • Providing pre-move inspections to ensure your instrument is functional and capable of handling mobilization  
  • Supporting your facilities team or a third-party moving company  
  • Conducting a post-move inspection to ensure your instrument has not been negatively affected  
  • Providing optional IQ/OQ should you need it 

Request a move to find out how we can meet your needs.

Streamlined compliance with on-demand instrument qualification

For any research lab, it’s imperative that your instruments perform to preapproved manufacturer specifications.

Our on-demand qualification services enable you stay compliant with the latest ISO and GxP regulations and practices. Collaborating with your onsite teams, we use preapproved protocols to run only necessary tests, avoiding overcomplication.

Please note that not all instruments are IQ/OQ compatible.

To find out how we can assist you request an instrument qualification.

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