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Cellular Imaging & Analysis

End-to-end solutions for cellular imaging and analysis

With more than a decade of experience in this field, Revvity provides a portfolio of cellular Imaging products - high-content imaging instruments, image analysis software, cell counters, fluorescent probes, microplates, and automation - to help you answer complex biological questions.

High-content analysis and high-content screening systems

Both our Opera Phenix Plus and Operetta CLS high-content imaging systems incorporate confocal spinning disk technology and produce images of exceptional quality.

  • Opera Phenix Plus high-content screening system, our premier, confocal system, is designed for your most demanding high-content applications, including 3D microtissue and spheroid imaging.
  • Operetta CLS high-content analysis system features a unique combination of technologies that delivers the flexibility, speed and sensitivity for everyday assays and more.
Cell counters and image cytometers

Our cell counters and image cytometers provide a fast and efficient way to count cells, assess cell health and viability, perform immunophenotyping, and routine cell imaging assays that don’t require sub-cellular resolution.

Imaging and analysis software

Our software helps you acquire, visualize, analyze and share your image data more effectively and efficiently.

  • Harmony software: control every aspect of your high-content analysis or screening experiment through a single workflow-based user interface.
  • Signals Image Artist™: access, analyze, store, re-analyze, and share image data from all major HCS and cell imaging systems across your organization.
  • Signals VitroVivo for profiling image data and hit selection.
Cellular imaging reagents

Our PhenoVue™ suite of cellular imaging reagents provides bright dyes for high-quality images, and includes cell painting kits, organelle and cell compartment stains, fluorescent labeled secondary antibodies, and more.


Benefit from higher throughput, improved productivity, reduced variability, savings on reagent costs and more, by automating your Operetta CLS or Opera Phenix Plus system.

  • Integrate with the plate::handler™ Flex system for automated plate loading to enable overnight runs
  • Automate your entire high-content screening workflows with explorer™ G3 automated workstations.

PhenoPlate™ microplates have been developed and validated specifically for high-content analysis and screening applications, with a unique patented design for high-content imaging readers.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.