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Clinical & Diagnostics
Clinical & Diagnostics
Platforms & Automation
Platforms & Automation
Research & Development
Research & Development

Virtually any target can be quickly and easily measured using Alpha technology, an improved

Bacterial & Viral Nucleic Acid Isolation

Revvity offers reliable, automated solutions for microbial nucleic acid isolation from challenging

Binding Assays

A receptor ligand binding assay allows for the study and simple imaging of cell surface receptors

Biomarker detection reagents

Our biomarker detection reagents and kits are designed to excel in applications that rely on high


We offer a full line of high-quality microplate assay cassette products for our radiometric

Cell Harvesters

Harvest 24 or 96 samples simultaneously onto solid filer supports or into microplates.

Cell Lines

Our comprehensive suite of cell lines caters to a wide range of applications, spanning from

Cellular Imaging Reagents

Revvity's PhenoVue™ suite of cellular imaging reagents – including cell painting kits, organelle and

Centrifuge Accessories

Revvity offers a range of centrifuge rotors to support a variety of sample tube types and volumes


Centrifuges are an indispensable lab tool for molecular and cellular biology protocols that require

Charcoal Traps

Capture volatiles that may have built up during storage of your radiochemicals.

Cytokine Research Reagents

Cytokines regulate several physiological and pathological roles including innate immunity, acquired


DELFIA® (Dissociation-Enhanced Lanthanide Fluorescent Immunoassay) TRF technology combines the

Epigenetic research reagents

The epigenetics’ field revolutionized the understanding of heredity.

Frozen cells

Revvity's frozen, growth arrested AequoZen® and cAMPZen® cells express a variety of GPCRs for

GPCR research reagents

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest family of membrane proteins and the most studied

GrowDex Hydrogels

We offer a range of products for scalable animal-free 3D cell culture applications, providing

Homogenizer Accessories

Proper sample preparation is a critical component to the success of any downstream multi-omic and

Homogenizer Consumables

Bead beating is currently the most effective and versatile lysis method . OMNI International


As a leader in the sample preparation industry, we offer a comprehensive selection of homogenizers


HTRF technology performs as cellular or biochemical assays in competitive and non-competitive

Immuno-oncology reagents

Immuno-oncology is a leader in the worldwide drug development pipeline and is at the forefront of

In Vivo Imaging Accessories

Revvity offers a comprehensive portfolio of in vivo imaging accessories to help streamline and

Labeled Nucleotides

Labeled nucleotides are critical elements for sequence detection in a wide variety of techniques


LANCE® (Lanthanide Chelate Excite) TR-FRET technology combines the benefits of Time Resolved

Library Prep Kits

Robust library preparation is a critical step to obtain reliable results in Next-Generation

Liquid Handling Consumables & Accessories

Revvity’s liquid handling workstations can be used across various research and clinical workflows

Liquid Scintillation Cocktails

Our liquid scintillation cocktails are convenient, easy-to-use, save preparation time and minimize

Luminescence Assays

Luciferase assays allow for the study of transcriptional gene expression, virus life cycles, and

Membrane preparations

Revvity's Membrane Target Systems offer a selection of targets for your ligand receptor binding

Microfluidic Nucleic Acid Analysis

Now you can simplify traditional gel separations, while improving the reproducibility of your data


Choosing the right microplate is a critical, often overlooked, part of an assay. The right

Neuroscience research reagents

Over 55 million people worldwide are developing dementia and this number is expected to double by

Newborn Screening Kits

Use the highest quality reagents available today to screen for core newborn disorders as well as

Newest assay kits

To keep up with the speed of your innovation, we strive to provide tools designed to benefit your

PhenoVue Cell Function Reagents and Kits

Revvity offers a complete suite of cell function reagents and kits for visualizing key cellular

PhenoVue Cell Painting Kits

Cell Painting is a powerful and new phenotypic high-content screening approach which combines cell

PhenoVue Complementary Reagents

PhenoVue™ complementary reagents are designed for use with PhenoVue cell painting kits, fluorescent

PhenoVue Fluorescent Probes for Organelles & Subcellular Compartments

Cellular imaging techniques, such as high-content analysis, rely on the ability to detect and

PhenoVue Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies

Fluorescent secondary antibodies are everyday tools for researchers performing high-content analysis

Pipette Tips

Select the precise disposable tip that you need for any application. We offer a variety of dispense

Protein kinase research reagents

The human kinome comprises 518 protein kinases and 20 lipid kinases. 

Protein-protein interaction research reagents

The interactions and binding of proteins are implicated in a large number of biological processes

Radioactive Spill Cleaners

Clean up radioactive spills quickly and effectively. We offer a variety of cleaning agents including


Radiometric detection is considered the gold standard for many applications, from drug discovery and

Reservoirs, Troughs and Accessories

We offer a wide array of consumables for our automated JANUS®, Sciclone® and Zephyr® liquid handling

Sonicator Accessories

Accessories, namely, probes and tips that are of the size conductive to the application and easy-to


Commonly called sonicators, ultrasonic homogenizers, utilize high-frequency ultrasonic waves to

Targeted Protein Degradation

Protein homeostasis in the cellular environment is achieved through the ubiquitin-proteasome system

Transfer Membranes

Transfer membranes are used in blotting techniques as the solid phase support upon which proteins or

Virology reagents

Viruses and virally transmitted diseases have been impacting human health and well-being for