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ctDNA Workflows

Simplify the identification of cancer research targets in cell free fluids

Analyzing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) offers a non-invasive, dynamic window into the body’s physiological state and its use as a biomarker is gaining rapidly. However, multiple challenges remain with establishing its routine application. This is mainly due to its low levels, high rates of fragmentation, and preanalytical variabilities associated with sample collection, ctDNA extraction and quantification. Read on to learn how you can establish a reliable ctDNA workflow from plasma samples.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Plasma fractionation for ctDNA research

Now you can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve the traceability of your ctDNA workflows from fractionated plasma with the JANUS® G3 Blood iQ™ workstation. The proprietary technology in this workstation allows for precise identification and separation of the plasma and buffy coat layers in centrifuged blood tubes.

Reproducible cfDNA extraction with chemagic technology

Circulating tumor DNA is a promising avenue for non-invasive biomarker research but its detection and analysis can be challenging due to several factors.

Discover the chemagic™ cfDNA kits used on the chemagic instruments for your reliable cfDNA extraction workflow. Get comparable yields to manual spin column methods with efficient removal of contaminants and exclusion of cross-contamination while reducing variability and preserving sample integrity with full tracking capabilities.


Before ctDNA is subject to downstream sequencing, quality control checks are often performed to evaluate the quality of extracted ctDNA. The LabChip® GX Touch™ HT Nucleic Acid Analyzer and LabChip® cfDNA assay is optimized to assess fragment distribution and quantitation of extracted cfDNA samples.

cfDNA library prep kit

Now you can construct NGS libraries with as little as 10 ng of input cfDNA with an accelerated workflow and minimal hands-on time using the NEXTFLEX® Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit 2.0. Up to 1,536 unique dual index barcodes facilitate high-throughput applications without compromising data integrity.

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