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Targeted Sequencing

Optimize your targeted sequencing workflows

Targeted sequencing, which allows you to focus on sequences and region of interest, encapsulates two different techniques: a broad, target capture via a hybridization method or a PCR-based amplicon panel design. Among its most notable benefits of targeted sequencing compared to other methods in NGS such as whole genome sequencing, is the fact that because less genomic sequence is being interrogated, only target regions of interest are sequenced. This means that by focusing the sequencing real estate of the flow cell to only regions of interest, genomic sequences can be enriched anywhere from 100 to a 1 million times compared to DNA-sequencing.

Revvity offers an optimized workflow to meet your targeted sequencing needs.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Sample homogenization

Jumpstart your cancer research with a robust and powerful homogenizer designed to simplify sample preparation and prepare high quality lysates prior to nucleic acid extraction and targeted sequencing workflows.


Genomic DNA extraction

The isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from diverse sample materials is a crucial part of the genomic sequencing workflow. Learn more about Revvity´s solution for high performance DNA isolation workflows.


Genomic DNA and NGS library analysis

Improve your nucleic acid analysis with the LabChip® automated microfluidic capillary electrophoresis (micro-CE) technology and enable the analysis of genomic DNA and NGS libraries in seconds. Reporting is improved and simplified through the automatic generation of data as an electropherogram, virtual gel, or tabular report.


Increase on-target reads with blockers

During target enrichment, adapters can interact with the complementary adapter sequence strand of another library molecule. The NEXTFLEX® Universal Blockers are designed to prevent concatemerization of library molecules. By blocking this complementary adapter sequence interaction, the number of on-target reads improves dramatically and the depth of enrichment increases.


Automation of targeted sequencing workflows

Revvity NGS liquid handlers’ standardized deck configuration allows for complete liquid handling, thermal control, and waste management for complex application requirements in next generation sequencing sample preparation protocols. Revvity's liquid handler portfolio has validated protocols for several NGS applications, including whole genome sequencing, RNA seq, ChIPseq, targeted resequencing and amplicon sequencing.


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