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Improving the efficiency of metagenomic analysis

Revvity’s streamlined, automated workflow from DNA extraction to sequence ready libraries for 16S and shotgun sequencing resulting in robust data for species identification and functional profiling.

16S sequencing specifically targets and amplifies the 16S rRNA gene, a highly conserved region in microbial genomes. This method provides information about the taxonomic composition of the microbial community, allowing researchers to identify and classify different species present. It is particularly useful for studying the diversity and abundance of bacteria and archaea. 16S sequencing is cost-effective, provides phylogenetic insights, and is preferred when the focus is on understanding the overall structure and composition of the microbial community.

On the other hand, shotgun sequencing involves sequencing all the genetic material present in a sample, including the genomes of both microorganisms and the host organism(s). This method provides a more comprehensive view of the microbial community, allowing for the analysis of all genes and potential functional capabilities. Shotgun sequencing is preferred when studying complex microbial ecosystems, as it enables the identification of specific genes, functional pathways, and potential interactions within the community. It is particularly useful when the aim is to gain insights into the functional potential and metabolic activities of the microorganisms.

Improve the efficiency of your 16S and shotgun sequencing workflows with Revvity’s complete, single source workflows.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Sample homogenization

Jumpstart your infectious disease research with a robust and powerful homogenizer designed to simplify sample preparation and prepare high quality lysates prior to nucleic acid extraction and metagenomic workflows.

Isolation of nucleic acids from complex samples

Nucleic acid extraction is a critical precursor to library preparation. High-quality, pure nucleic acids are essential for robust libraries. Discover the chemagic™ kits used on the chemagic instruments enabling a reliable nucleic extraction workflow for your metagenomic analysis.

Genomic DNA and NGS library analysis

Improve your nucleic acid analysis with the LabChip® automated microfluidic capillary electrophoresis (micro-CE) technology and enable the analysis of genomic DNA and NGS libraries in seconds. Reporting is improved and simplified through the automatic generation of data as an electropherogram, virtual gel, or tabular report.

16S Amplicon-seq library prep

16S rRNA sequencing are useful and cost-effective NGS tools for microbial sequencing for metagenomic studies comparing different species of bacteria present in a given sample without the need for cultures. 16S rRNA is a widely used gene marker for genus and species identification in bacteria for its minuscule rate of substitution in the highly conserved sequences outside of the hypervariable regions. The speed and economy associated with amplicon sequencing is maximized with this approach catered to population genetics and microbial profiling for interrogating the phylogeny and taxonomy of samples from complex microbiomes.

Library prep for shotgun sequencing

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing offers researchers a comprehensive approach to sampling all the genes present in a complex sample, encompassing all organisms within it. This method can be invaluable for microbiologists as it allows for the assessment of bacterial diversity and the identification of microbial abundance across diverse environments. Furthermore, shotgun metagenomics facilitates the study of unculturable microorganisms that would otherwise present challenges or even impossibilities in analysis.

With a streamlined protocol including fully automated normalization & fragmentation and up to 1,536 UDI Barcodes available for multiplexing the NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-seq kit is optimized for shotgun sequencing applications.

Automation of metagenomics NGS workflows

Revvity NGS liquid handlers’ standardized deck configuration allows for complete liquid handling, thermal control, and waste management for the most complex application requirements in next generation sequencing sample preparation protocols. Revvity's liquid handler portfolio has validated protocols for several metagenomics NGS applications, including shotgun and 16S sequencing.