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Expert-led Training

Revvity’s expert-led training programs deliver a dynamic learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of our solutions and their practical applications.

Delve deeper into the intricacies of life sciences and diagnostics product solutions offered by Revvity through our diverse range of training formats, including:

  1. Classroom trainings
  2. Workshop trainings
  3. Virtual classroom trainings
  4. Online webinar trainings 

Revvity also provides specialized FAS training sessions tailored to provide comprehensive insights and hands-on experience, including:

  1. FAS Training: Level 1 - Familiarization Training (Onsite)
  2. FAS Training: Level 2 - Advanced Training (Onsite)
  3. FAS Training: Level 2 - Advanced Training (Virtual) 

Expert-led training calendar

Click here to access our Expert-Led Training Calendar, designed to elevate your skills and knowledge. Explore and register the upcoming sessions led by industry experts.

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