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In Vivo Imaging Accessories

Revvity offers a comprehensive portfolio of in vivo imaging accessories to help streamline and/or expand the functionality of your IVIS® optical, Quantum microCT, and Vega ultrasound imaging systems by providing solutions that deliver reliable performance, productivity and value.

From anesthesia systems to imaging shuttles and manifolds to high-throughput staging kits to workbenches, we have the accessories you need to suit your research or drug discovery projects.

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High Throughput Imaging Kit
USD 21,840.00
Benchtop Posing Station for Mouse Imaging
USD 11,180.00
SRM-5 Small Rodent Manifold for IVIS Imaging Systems
USD 4,317.00
118962 XAM 5 Anesthesia manifold mouse set
USD 3,056.00
133803 XFM 2X Fluorescent Phantom Mouse
SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray
USD 7,175.00
124633 Syringe injection system
USD 13,640.00
Magnetic quick connect base for use with the SRM-5 small rodent manifold and SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray
USD 5,047.00
MVI-2 Multi-View Imager for IVIS Lumina Imaging Systems
USD 21,220.00
118949 XPP 1 Plate positioner
USD 2,414.00
118998 XMD 2 Manifold Divider
119028 Rat nose cones
XPM-2 Bioluminescent Phantom Mouse
USD 5,740.00
Rabbit bed for Quantum microCT imaging system
USD 7,073.00
MIS-Mouse Imaging Shuttle
USD 7,380.00
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Product Note
RAS 4 Rodent Anesthesia System

Rodent gas anesthesia RAS-4 system for in vivo imaging applications.

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