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Small Molecule Labeling

We label small molecules, nucleic acids…

In the field of drug discovery, researchers are constantly seeking small molecules with potential therapeutic applications.

Every scientist knows that small molecule labeling often requires a highly specific chemical approach and purification process.

Revvity’s team has unmatched experience in small molecule bioconjugation.

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Solid experience with custom labeling

Solid experience with custom labeling

Our Offering Includes:
  • Labeling of small molecules with Europium & Terbium cryptates:
    • Aromatics & heterocycle compounds
    • Steroids
    • Saccharides
    • Nucleosides
  • Derivatization of pharmacophore
  • Introduction of linkers prior to labeling, to retain activity
  • Reproduction of a synthesis described in the literature

A clear and straightforward process

A clear and straightforward process

Deliverables Include:
  • To supply a compound with high purity level
  • To package exact quantities based on UV quantification
  • To determine a process to solubilize the conjugated molecule
  • To supply safety documents (MSDS files)
  • To supply an Analysis certificate including HPLC / UPLC traces, UV and MS spectra.
  • To supply HRMS analysis on request
  • Access to NMR facilities to confirm structures (if scale and type of molecule are compatible with such analysis)
  • Vial label with solvent- and temperature-resistant inks
Next-Generation Facilities

The chemistry labs are equipped with the latest technology and equipment, ready to deliver the best possible synthetic chemistry service and the most precise analytical reporting.

Equipment Includes:
  • Several fume hoods
  • Rotating evaporators under fume hoods, ensuring a healthy laboratory atmosphere
  • UPLC MS for reaction monitoring
  • Semi preparative HPLC (purification of small quantities)
  • Preparative HPLC (up to 100 mg)
  • Automatized chromatography purification (Reveleris)
  • Large set of HPLC columns
  • Speed vac for solvent removal
  • Lyophilizer
  • Microwave reactor (CEM) to speed up reactions and reduce side reactions
  • Mass spectrometer (simple quadripole) coupled to UPLC in a safe room away from solvent
  • Large number of chemical reagents stored in safe room site
  • Reaction under inert atmosphere (argon line)
  • Reaction at low temperature
  • Hydrogenation reactor facilities
  • Reaction under pressure with steel reactor
  • UV spectrometer