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The SpectraViewer tool enables you to visualize the spectral compatibility of fluorophores and fluorescent labelled probes.

How to use the SpectraViewer

  • If you're using a Revvity imaging or detection instrument, start by selecting the instrument from the Select Machine drop-down menu. The light source and filters for the chosen instrument will be displayed automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can choose Custom Instrument (or make no selection) and add the light sources and filters manually. Light sources are input in ### nm format and filters as ### - ###
  • Next, select the fluorophores of interest from the Add Fluorophore drop-down menu.
  • You may add further fluorophores, light sources and filters at any point, or remove them by clicking X. You may remove excitation or emission spectra and filter ranges from the display (while keeping them selected) by unchecking the blue boxes.
  • Under Light Source select the light source line which you want to use to normalize the spectra. Toggling this will normalize the emission spectra to the selected light source line.
  • Open Filter Coverage to show a spillover table which reports the percentage of the emission curve that is contained in each selected filter.
  • Use the right-hand scroll bar to view the lower section of the tables if necessary.
  • The Share and/or Save buttons enable you to email your selections to yourself, or others. The email includes an automatically-assigned ID code which corresponds to your selections, which can be retrieved and loaded to the SpectraViewer by clicking Load and entering the ID code.
  • Use Print to generate a printed version of your selections and the corresponding spectra.