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Reliable and durable homogenizers

With over 65 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive selection of Omni homogenizers that cater to the unique needs of labs with different throughputs and diverse sample types. Our range of solutions span from industrial mixers, handheld rotor stators, and popular Omni Bead Ruptor bead mills for low- to mid-throughput labs all the way through automated homogenizers with liquid handling capabilities for higher-throughput applications.

Whether you're working with biological samples, pharmaceutical formulations, food and beverage products, or any other sample type, our solutions can help streamline your workflow by achieving consistency of homogenization for particle reduction, emulsification, and releasing analytes of interest for downstream assays.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Homogenizers are versatile laboratory tools that play a crucial role in various scientific disciplines.

These powerful instruments are designed to achieve uniformity and consistency in sample preparation by breaking down particles and emulsifying substances, releasing analytes of interest for downstream assays.

Biological and life sciences

Homogenizers are widely utilized in biological and life science research for the extraction of proteins, DNA, RNA, and other cellular components. They aid in cell disruption, tissue homogenization, and the release of analytes, allowing researchers to study cellular processes, conduct genomic analysis, and explore bio-molecular interactions.

Pharmaceutical and drug development

In the pharmaceutical industry, homogenizers are an indispensable resource in formulating pharmaceutical compounds, as well as pushing forward cutting-edge drug development assays.

They facilitate the blending of active pharmaceutical ingredients with excipients, ensuring uniform distribution and particle size reduction for lipid emulsion preparation, and encapsulation of drugs in nano-particle systems. Homogenizers also play a pivotal role in drug-development assays. By enabling a high-throughput and streamlined sample preparation workflow upstream of ADME and DMPK assays, the bottlenecks are eliminated allowing researchers to bring cutting-edge therapeutics to the pre-clinical and clinical markets.

Food and beverage processing

Homogenization is a key process in the food and beverage industry. Homogenizers help create stable emulsions, prevent separation, and improve product consistency.

They are commonly used in dairy processing to achieve a smooth texture, prevent cream separation, and enhance product shelf life. Additionally, homogenizers aid in the production of sauces, dressings, juices, and other liquid-based food products.

Cosmetics and personal care products

Homogenizers play a vital role in formulating cosmetic and personal care products, such as creams, lotions, and emulsions.

They ensure the proper dispersion of ingredients, create stable emulsions, and allow for precise control of active ingredient addition. Using a homogenizer also helps to facilitate batch-to-batch consistency by use of programmable/semi-programmable functions.

Chemical and industrial applications

Homogenizers find applications in various chemical and industrial processes. They assist in particle size reduction, dispersion of pigments and additives in coatings and paints, preparation of stable emulsions for lubricants and fuels, and homogenization of suspensions and slurries.

Homogenizers contribute to improved product quality, consistency, and efficiency in diverse industrial sectors.

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