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Online Training

Experience Revvity's online training. Think of us as partners on your learning journey. Together, we can expand the boundaries of human potential through science. 

How does Revvity provide online training?

Introducing the Revvity Customer Success Academy! Our new training portal can help you learn faster and smarter. You can search for customized training, enroll in courses, and complete certifications — all on a single platform. Plus, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and on your terms.

What is Revvity customer success academy?

Revvity Customer Success Academy is a dedicated customer training platform where you can learn how to use our life sciences and diagnostic products best.  

You can access a wide array of resources available on a simple, user-friendly interface. Explore interactive materials and progress through your training when it suits you, all from the convenience of your workspace.  

Whether you aim to gain a deeper understanding of our products or level up your diagnostic skills, our online training can fit into your busy schedule — so you can learn without limitations.  

What types of online training programs are offered by Revvity?

Revvity offers a diverse array of online training sessions, encompassing demonstrations, software training, product tutorials, safety training, end-user troubleshooting training, end-user maintenance training, and more.

Explore these comprehensive training modules through the Revvity Customer Success Academy, where you can easily enroll or request enrollment. While some of our training sessions are complimentary, others may have associated costs. Aspiring learners can conveniently purchase these courses, enhancing their skills at their own pace.

If you have recently purchased an instrument and received a training-related coupon code with your purchase order, please use your code when you make the training purchase to get your discount. 

How can I access Revvity customer success academy?

Explore Revvity Customer Success Academy. Register now to get the tools you need to succeed at every stage of your learning journey.

Revvity’s customer training platform

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