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Newborn Sequencing Research

Newborn Sequencing Research

With the latest advancements in next generation sequencing (NGS), we are experiencing rapid acceleration in genetic disease research. While NGS maintains the power to detect genetic variants responsible for many diseases, these technologies have been inaccessible for many laboratories.

Through our decades of experience in rare disease technologies, Revvity has developed an end-to-end NGS workflow to suit your needs. Our customizable, holistic workflow – from the DNA extraction of dried blood spot samples, library preparation,* automated liquid handling, sequencing, to final data analysis – is built to bring newborn research into the hands of more laboratories. One end-to-end solution from one supplier.

Discover how you can amplify your research with Revvity’s newborn sequencing workflow today.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
*In development, not commercially available.

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