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Viral Vector Engineering and Manufacture

Towards developing optimized rAAV and lentiviral vectors with Revvity

At Revvity Gene Delivery, we partner with our customers to accelerate their gene therapy vector development. Whether you're developing vectors for safer and more efficacious drug products or optimizing viral vector capsids for enhanced specificity, our customized solutions have got you covered.

Our cutting-edge process development and manufacturing workflows, coupled with unique platform technologies, enable cost-effective production of high-quality materials and process optimization options to increase productivity. We seamlessly integrate our technology, experience, and capabilities with external partners, providing you with an accelerated gene therapy vector development program.

From early R&D to the late preclinical phase and GMP, we guide cell and gene therapy developers through the entire value chain. Our individualized and customized solutions are tailored to fit any type of viral vector project at any stage of development, ensuring fast and cost-effective drug product discovery, development, and manufacture.   

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