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CHOSOURCE Expression Platform

Streamline your cell line development process, improve productivity, and accelerate your biotherapeutic programs

The CHOSOURCE™ expression platform provides a state-of-the-art system for the development and manufacturing of biotherapeutics compatible with existing processes that can be used in commercial manufacturing applications.

The CHOSOURCE  expression platform consists of the CHO-K1 suspension adapted cell line with the Glutamine Synthetase gene (GS) knocked out (KO), to provide a robust industry standard selection system. To continue to build on the capability of the CHOSOURCE expression platform, a new CHO cell line was developed, using in-house gene editing expertise, to produce afucosylated glycoproteins: the CHOSOURCE ADCC+ cell line. Recently, the CHOSOURCE platform has been improved by the introduction of the CHOSOURCE TnT transposon-based expression system.

Our highly experienced global support team provides expert advice, information, and technical support on our CHOSOURCE expression platform and cell line engineering services to meet evolving biotherapeutic development needs.

Our CHOSOURCE expression platform redefines the development and manufacturing of biotherapeutics.

Contact our team to find the best solution for your cell line development needs.

CHOSOURCE Expression Platform


The CHOSOURCE Glutamine Synthetase (GS) knockout (KO) cell line is a well-established, cGMP-manufactured, robust cell line. Generated from CHO-K1 cells with the GS gene knocked out using precision rAAV technology. 

With proven performance, the CHOSOURCE GS KO cell line is provided with a  comprehensive cell history package and protocols to support you throughout the process of research, development, and regulatory filing of a biotherapeutic.

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The glycoengineered CHOSOURCE GS KO cell line for enhanced antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) activity offers fully afucosylated antibodies, Fc-fusions, and other therapeutic proteins for increased therapeutic efficacy and potency.  

The enhanced cell line is easily adaptable for implementation in proprietary biomanufacturing processes in the early stages of the discovery and development of therapeutic programs.

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CHOSOURCE TnT transposon technology

The CHOSOURCE TnT transposon expression system offers a safe and reliable tool for the generation of stable expressing clones. This system provides faster development timelines and high reproducibility across pools and clones to help accelerate cell line development programs.

The two-component expression system, which includes the TnT transposon vector and TnT transposase mRNA, is compatible with CHOSOURCE cell lines to redefine biotherapeutic workflows.

The robustness and reliability of CHOSOURCE TnT makes it a great tool to streamline development and manufacturing efforts, potentially allowing new development paradigms to expedite preclinical and clinical development.

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