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Automated Liquid Handling Applications

Improve efficiency with automated liquid handling workflow solutions

Based on over 40 years' experience automating liquid handling applications, such as NGS, customers have realized the outstanding value and return they get by leveraging our liquid handlers.

Using qualified applications method development for a fast and easy assay start-up experience. Our solutions-intuitive user interface minimizes the need for programming knowledge and training. It helps reduce errors, avoids custom setups, and facilitates the easy deployment of new assays. Plus, our exceptional field application team supports the scientist’s needs for significantly high instrument uptime and personal productivity. Our sample prep solutions greatly support labs desiring bench-to-results times measured in days, not months.

Our portfolio of dedicated workstations with a choice of pipetting heads, gripper options and application accessories offers flexibility in throughput, capacity, and dynamic volume range to meet your application needs.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Over 150 vendor qualified NGS automated methods

Available from bench-top to fully automated sized-systems and designed for 8 to 384 sample throughput workflows, Revvity has a solution to support customers walk-away and throughput needs. No programming or method development is needed by the user.

Revvity has hundreds of NGS workstations in the field and has a global team of NGS application, service, and sales experts.  With an ever-growing library of vendor qualified NGS library prep methods, Revvity is an ideal partner for NGS automation solutions.

Please check our NGS library prep automated workstation solutions catalogue and inquire for the latest list.

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