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Cell-free DNA Analysis

Bringing simplicity and accessibility to cell-free DNA analysis.

Whether you are seeking an end-to-end cell-free DNA solution or individual components to enhance your current workflow, Revvity is making cfDNA analysis accessible to more laboratories. Explore our rolling circle amplification, PCR, and NGS-based solutions.

What is cell-free DNA? Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is comprised of degraded DNA fragments which circulate in the bloodstream. The accumulation of cfDNA in blood could appear due to various physiological or pathological reasons, and cfDNA has been shown to be a useful biomarker for multiple applications.

As circulating DNA often consist in small fragments present in low concentration, many challenges need to be overcome for reliable isolation and analysis of circulating cfDNA. Revvity’s host of solutions allow laboratories to embark on these challenges with confidence.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Vanadis cfDNA Platform

See how Revvity empowers your laboratory to analyze the common chromosome abnormalities (21, 18, 13, X & Y) with only one lab technician.

NGS & PCR cfDNA Solutions

Learn more about Revvity´s PCR and NGS workflows for cfDNA analysis enabling a reliable cfDNA workflow from plasma samples.