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Platforms & Automation

Transform your workflows. Automatically.
The right instrumentation revolutionizes the development of drugs and enhances quality of life. At Revvity, we are increasing access to healthcare technology with a full range of scalable platforms to serve all laboratories.
Benefits - Platforms & Automation

Automated instrumentation for superior success rates

  • Unlock access to advanced technology that meets any laboratory need, from small size to high throughput
  • Minimize time to market: automate steps, integrate data, streamline compliance, and more
  • Reduce handling errors through robust readouts and advanced analytics 
  • Tackle unsolved clinical challenges with validated QC methods in novel modalities

Explore Our Solutions

    Sample Prep

    Sample Prep

    Our optimized sample preparation methods simplify your workflows while increasing throughput, ensuring sample consistency, and minimizing contamination.

    • Sample Homogenization
    • Nucleic Acid Isolation
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    Automated Liquid Handlers

    Automated Liquid Handlers

    We offer a comprehensive line of liquid handlers to automate common to complex lab workflows. Our portfolio is optimized to help accelerate your science.

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    Integrated Lab Automation

    Integrated Laboratory Automation

    Integrated lab automation improves the efficiency of a lab’s workflow, increases their productivity, reduces hands-on time, and increases standardization.

    • Automated Plate Loading
    • Drug Discovery Automation
    • High-Throughput HCS Automation
    • Genomic Workflow Automation
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    Detection Hero


    Our portfolio of sensitive and accurate multimode plate readers and radiometric detection solutions, complemented by assays, reagents and consumables, work together in concert so you can generate the results you need faster.

    • Multimode microplate readers
    • Radiometric solutions
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    Imaging Hero


    Images can capture many data points that the human eye can’t always see. Discover how our leading cell and in vivo imaging and analysis solutions can accelerate your understanding of biology and disease.

    • Cell counting
    • Cellular imaging & analysis
    • In vivo imaging
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    IVD Platforms

    In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Platforms & Automation

    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IVD approved solutions supporting immunodiagnostics, molecular diagnostic and clinical chemistry workflows, and designed to deliver precise results, while ensuring optimised lab efficiency.

    • Liquid Handling
    • Nucleic Acid Isolation
    • EUROIMMUN Instruments
    • IDS  Instruments
    • Clinical applications
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