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customization services

Customization Services

We develop. You discover. That's the way our custom services work.

Extend your lab’s capabilities with our experts in reagent and assay technologies and detection instrumentation. Our team will work with you, scientist to scientist, to ensure your custom product or service meets your exact specifications and application needs. We accurately execute important tasks to give your scientists the critical time they need to investigate and innovate.

Not only do you gain productivity, but you’ll also get our expert advice for solutions to meet your research challenges. You’ll get best practices drawn from one of the industry's broadest portfolio of technologies and proven development processes. Our commitment to you includes accurate timelines, minimized disruption of your workflow, and complete delivery of our agreed service to you.

We’re here to help.

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Please note that product labeling (such as kit insert, product label, and kit box) may be different compared to the company branding. Please contact your local representative for further details.