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RNA Interference

Dharmacon™ siRNA, shRNA and microRNA solutions

RNA interference (RNAi) remains the most simplest yet effective method for target gene knockdown in loss-of-function experiments. Revvity’s Dharmacon reagents have pioneered the development of novel siRNA, shRNA, and microRNA technology for nearly 30 years, offering a broad portfolio of trusted synthetic and expressed reagents for highly specific and efficient gene silencing.


High quality siRNA design and synthesis.

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Dharmacon lentiviral shRNA reagents for long-term, inducible, and in vivo targeted gene silencing.

Our premium shRNA products use a microRNA-adapted shRNA design to promote more efficient cellular processing and reduce toxicity during RNAi experiments.

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Dharmacon miRNA modulation reagents - trusted for interrogating microRNA function.

Modulation of miRNA levels is a fundamental way to understand not only microRNA function, but also the pathways in which they are involved. Revvity offers reliable miRNA mimic and inhibitor reagents for every mature human, mouse and rat miRNA in the miRBase database 21.0.

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Long non-coding RNA

Dharmacon Lincode™ siRNA Reagents

Knockdown of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA)

Expert siRNA design and specificity-enhancing modifications for effective knockdown of human long non-coding RNA. Pre-designed Lincode siRNA is available as individual reagents and SMARTpool™ format.

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RNAi libraries

Flexible, convenient and high-confidence screening results. Choose from Revvity’s Dharmacon siRNA, shRNA and microRNA pre-designed libraries. Small gene families to genome-wide collections.

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Custom screening libraries:

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