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Our story of transformation

Our transformation today reflects where we’ve come from, and where we’re heading together. Accelerating science. Transforming health. Expanding human potential.
This is Revvity.

A proven history

We’re building on a legacy of innovation and commitment to revolutionizing health science. Working together, we’ve already impacted health worldwide in many ways, including:


700 peer-reviewed publications describing our TB test as demonstrating excellent performance in a wide variety of settings



Providing workflows that enabled the testing of more than 75 million individuals for COVID-19


Introducing over 1,500 new antibodies, kits, and reagents annually for life science research



Supplying more than two million scientists across pharma, biotech, and academia with Revvity's software solutions



Screening 40 million babies annually for life-threatening diseases across 110 countries

Igniting possibilities today

We are a visionary partner in developing technologies and solutions across disease pathways.


As a team of more than 11,000 employees across 190 countries, we offer both scale and agility. United, we can deliver custom, complete solutions from discovery to development, and diagnosis to cure.


Combined with our rapidly growing strength in automation, productivity, and workflow, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate health science innovation from bench to bedside. And this is just the beginning.


Our specialized areas of focus include translational multi-omics technologies, biomarker identification, imaging, prediction, screening and diagnosis, detection, informatics, and more.

Pioneering what’s next

What if the benefits of leading-edge health science were accessible to everyone, everywhere?

We’re committed to making this vision a reality by addressing the biggest threats to health today, and fearlessly facing tomorrow’s unknowns.

Our scope, reach, and ability to make an impact has never been greater.

Groundbreaking therapies. Breakthrough treatments. Revolutionary solutions. All in the name of our purpose: to expand the boundaries of human potential through science.
Bring on tomorrow. We’re ready for it.


We’re here to help.

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