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Scheduling & Control Software

plate::works™ software: building on 20 years of experience

plate::works scheduling and control software meets requirements from simple to complex solutions. It provides users with a single software interface for lab scheduling and concurrent lab automation applications.

  • On-demand processing
  • Better resource planning
  • Notification options
  • Modifications on-the-fly
  • Track equipment
plate::works™ Key Features
Event Driven Scheduling plate::worksTM software combines the advantages of dynamic and static scheduling enabling operators to control and fine-tune dynamic scheduling by adding constraints and/or controlling elements
Real Time Decision Making & Re-Scheduling Scheduler supports on-the-fly re-scheduling, enabling operators to update critical method parameters at any time, plates to be treated depending on conditions and for system to respond to results or external triggers/inputs
Parallel Methods Scheduler able to support multiple independent methods being executed in parallel
Continuous/On-Demand Processing Scheduler supports continuous plate processing allowing new sample plates and labware to be added to an already running process as well as an on-demand processing with system to process sample plates when they become available
Pooling Up to 3 identical instruments to be treated as one logical instrument (for easier programming and added redundancy)
Simulations Quickly optimize workflows (test different process variants and conditions) and to check for correct execution prior to committing time and reagents
21CFR11 Support plate::worksTM to support setting-up regulated processes by providing user rights management and by logging changes being made to methods
Worklist Support Plate/sample specific parameters or conditions (i.e. incubation times, dispense volumes, etc) can be read from worklists. Support for cherry picking, normalization and other tasks relaying on external information
Scripting Support Enabling operators to add own functionality to scheduling process
Offline Use plate::worksTM software supports operators taking critical detection instruments offline and to use manually up til the point where the instrument is needed to support the automated process
Add-ons/Options Email Notification, HTML Help System, Job::Manager Process Planner, Wellmap::creator Transfer Map Editor



For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Scheduling & Control Software

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