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Agrigenomics Workflows

Advance your agrigenomics research

Agrigenomics accelerates agricultural advancement with precise tools for trait screening, genetic analysis, and breeding optimization. Revvity aims to eliminatei some challenges associated with agrigenomic analysis by providing researchers with broad, single source systems for reliable and efficient workflows including sample prep, sample QC, and NGS library and qPCR preparation. By adding automation into your workflows as your sample throughput scales, bottlenecks and costs get reduced while the generation of robust results gets simplified. From streamlining sample homogenization and nucleic acid analysis, to increasing throughput and reducing bias, we have the solution you need.

With expertise marrying automation and reagents, we are uniquely positioned to deliver broad, single source systems that offer the flexibility needed to meet today’s changing demands.

  • Sample homogenization
  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • QC and analysis solutions
  • Library preparation reagents
  • Modular and scalable automation
  • Sole source integration

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Automation-enabled sample homogenization

For genomic applications, multiple factors need to be considered and optimized to ensure that the nucleic acid going into genomic assays will maintain enough integrity to produce meaningful results. Within these factors, automation could add reliability and consistency in upfront sample homogenization that leads to more efficient nucleic acid extraction of usable DNA or RNA. Sample homogenization via automated rotor-stator or bead-mill technologies can significantly increase workflow efficiency and operation costs associated with human resources or discrepancies in results between replicate QC or cross-site method optimization.

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Nucleic acid isolation from agricultural samples

Fast, cost-effective nucleic acid extraction from flexible input volumes

With flexibility in throughput, capacity, and sample type, robust manufacturing standards, and outstanding customer support, chemagic™ nucleic acid extraction automation solutions process sample volumes ranging from 50 µL to 18 mL cost effectively and quickly.

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Nucleic acid analysis for agrigenomics

Improve your nucleic acid analysis with the automated LabChip® solutions and enable high throughput analysis of genomic DNA, RNA, and NGS libraries in seconds.

Reporting is simplified through the automatic generation of data as an electropherogram, virtual gel, or tabular report.

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Robust DNA library prep for low pass sequencing applications

The NEXFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-seq Kit offers a simplified, automated DNA-seq library preparation workflow with extensive sample multiplexing capabilities. This solution enables low-coverage sequencing, facilitating cost-effective genotyping of large populations in plant and animal studies.

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Automated workstations

Revvity NGS liquid handlers’ standardized deck configuration allows for complete liquid handling, thermal control, and waste management for complex application requirements in next generation sequencing sample preparation protocols. Revvity's liquid handler portfolio has validated protocols for several agrigenomics applications, including low-coverage DNA-seq library preparation to improve the efficiency of genotyping.

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Modular and scalable automation
modular and scalable automation

Our automation solutions allow labs performing agricultural research to standardize procedures and implement best practices increasing throughput, decreasing costs, and ensuring sample integrity and security. Flexible modules offer scalability in throughput, capacity and dynamic volume range, high quality manufacturing standards, and outstanding customer service and support.

Increasing throughput and sample security

Modular, scalable solutions address sample security requirements and changing throughput and workflow requirements to automate entire agricultural genomics workflows.

Single source integratio

explorer™ G3 workstations seamlessly integrate many of the critical agrigenomics processes across platforms. With integrated nucleic acid isolation, sample assessment and a modular approach for increasing throughput, a custom explorer G3 workstation can be designed to align with any analytical pipeline inputs.

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