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Since their introduction in the 1950’s, immunoassays have been an integral part of research and drug discovery. Over the years, immunoassay technologies and formats have expanded, leading to the plethora of immunoassay technology platform options we now have today.

Discover our range of immunoassay technologies that enable the selection of optimal immunoassay platforms for your requirements. Choose from traditional wash-based assays to homogenous kits and toolboxes.  From sample compatibility to sample volume, throughput, detectable range, signal window, signal stability, reproducibility, automation compatibility, and desired speed of results, we offer a vast selection of immunoassay technology platforms, pre-configured kits, and customizable reagents for superior results.

Benefits of our immunoassay platform solutions:

  • Wide dynamic range
  • High sensitivity
  • Reduced background noise
  • Large stokes shift
  • Extended signal stability
  • Faster results
  • Multiple detection systems

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



Alpha is a bead-based, no-wash luminescent technology. When Alpha Donor and Acceptor beads are brought together through binding to target, a cascade of chemical reactions is set in motion, creating an amplified signal. These versatile beads are conjugated with various biomolecules that enable detection of unique biological events, offering maximum flexibility. Alpha technology is compatible with a wide range of sample types ranging from simple buffers, cell supernatants, and cell lysates to complex tissue, serum, plasma, and other biological samples.

Alpha offers benefits including:

  • Faster time to results
  • Ability to quantitate large protein complexes, nucleosomes, and viral particles
  • Option for multiplexing

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DELFIA® TRF is a proven, robust wash-based immunodetection platform with over 20 years of history. DELFIA has a similar assay principle and workflow to that of a traditional ELISA, but with the added benefits of a stable, time-resolved fluorescent signal improved assay dynamic range. DELFIA also offers the ability for multiplexing. DELFIA TRF is compatible with the widest range of sample types, ranging from simple buffers, cell supernatants, and cell lysates to complex biological samples, including tissue, serum, plasma, and blood.

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Focus on a single target with BioLegend’s ELISA kits and sets. Find all the reagents for your ELISA workflow with our economical kits, antibodies, and ancillary reagents. BioLegend offers four types of ELISA kits, including easy-to-use LEGEND MAX™ kits with pre-coated plates and RAPID MAX™ kits that cut your assay time down to 90 minutes (watch the protocol video to learn how time is saved). In addition, BioLegend provides reliable antibody pairs, ancillary reagents, and standards for those who want to develop their own ELISA assays.

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HTRF® (Homogeneous Time Resolved Technology) is a FRET-based, no-wash technology.

Rapid, homogeneous, easy to use and to automate, allowing extreme miniaturization and easy assay development – over time, HTRF has become the gold reference for time-resolved FRET.

HTRF technology can be used in competitive and noncompetitive formats, performed as cellular or biochemical assays and thus can been applied to a variety of applications including GPCRs, kinases, epigenetics, and quantification of a range of biomarkers including cytokines.

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LANCE® Ultra TR-FRET is a no-wash proximity assay technology that combines the benefits of time resolution (TR) with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) principles by using energy donor and energy acceptor fluorophore labels. It’s everything you love about TRF detection with fastest results and no wash steps. LANCE Ultra TR-FRET is compatible with buffer, cellular supernatant and cell lysate samples.

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LEGENDplex™ bead-based immunoassays work on the same principle as a sandwich ELISA, with the advantage that they can simultaneously quantify up to 14 targets in a single sample using only a flow cytometer - no other instruments are needed. Data can be analyzed with our free LEGENDplex Data Analysis Software Suite. Choose from dozens of existing panels or customize your own.

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Explore Alpha, TRF, and TR-FRET by target area

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