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Maternal and Prenatal Testing

Comprehensive screening solutions for healthier pregnancies

Screening is a highly effective form of preventive healthcare that allows healthcare professionals to identify expecting mothers who may be at high risk of developing conditions that could lead to health problems, or even mortality.

By identifying and addressing potential risks early in the pregnancy, screening contributes to a healthier and safer pregnancy reducing the likelihood of serious health complications and providing women with the necessary support and confidence to navigate their pregnancies with greater assurance.

As the global leader in prenatal screening, we offer laboratories and clinics complete screening solutions for all trimesters.

Products may not be licensed in accordance with the laws in all countries, such as the United States and Canada. Please check with your local representative for availability.

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Please note that product labeling (such as kit insert, product label, and kit box) may be different compared to the company branding. Please contact your local representative for further details.