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Cell Counting and Image Cytometry Consumables

Consumables for Revvity cell counters and image cytometry instruments

Designed to work together with the Cellometer™, Cellaca™ and Celigo™ platforms, Revvity provides a range of counting slides, plates and beads to streamline your cell counting operations and help generate excellent results. In addition, our portfolio includes disposable hemocytometer slides for use with brightfield microscopes.

Cellometer and Cellaca PLX counting slides

All-plastic disposable Cellometer cell counting slides and low fluorescence Cellaca PLX imaging slides.

Cellaca and Celigo high-throughput counting plates

All plastic, disposable counting chambers designed for the Cellaca and Celigo platforms allowing 24 counts per plate and with low plate-to-plate variability.

Counting beads

Our range includes brightfield and fluorescent bead products designed for quick and simple checks of instrument cell counts.

Hemocytometer slides

Disposable hemocytometer slide consisting of an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction, and the improved Neubauer counting grid pattern.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cell Counting and Image Cytometry Consumables
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