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ViaStain Yeast Kit for Live/Dead Concentration

A staining solution for the detection of live and dead yeast cells. Yeast dilution buffer included.

Part Number: CSK-0102-2ML
Part Number: CSK-0102-2ML
  • For AO/PI staining and viability determination, 20 µl of live yeast sample is mixed with 20 µl the dilution buffer and followed by 40 µl of yeast AO/PI staining solution. 20 µl of stained sample is then added to a Cellometer Counting Chamber and analyzed in<60 seconds using a fluorescent Cellometer instrument.

    • AO-PI Stain: One 2 mL bottle of Yeast Live Dead AO/PI Staining Solution.
    • Dilution Buffer: One 10 mL bottle of Yeast Dilution Buffer.
    • Yeast Live Dead AO/PI Staining Solution is not sold separately it must be purchased as a kit.
    • Kit will provide enough materials to perform approximately 100 tests with dilution buffer left over in excess.
    • Compatible with Cellometer X2 and Spectrum 10x.
  • Brand
    Fluorescent Reagents and Assay Kits
    Unit Size
    2 ml