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Protein-protein Interaction Research Reagents

The interactions and binding of proteins are implicated in a large number of biological processes. The need for efficient, highly sensitive assays to study large protein interactions is increasingly important.

Notable, our Alpha technology is a highly flexible, homogenous, no-wash assay ideal for the measurement of protein interactions and complexes as large as 200 nm in size. A bead-based proximity assay, Alpha technology offers the possibility to assay many biological targets including enzymes, receptor-ligand interactions, low-affinity interactions, second messenger levels, DNA, RNA, proteins, peptides, sugars and small molecules.

The full measurement capabilities of our protein-protein interaction analysis technologies include:

  • Transient and stable interactions
  • Low-to-high affinity interactions (pM to mM affinity)
  • Full-length protein-protein binding
  • Peptide-protein
  • Receptor dimerization
  • Protein-small molecule
  • Protein complex interactions
Protein-protein Interaction Research Reagents
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