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Frozen Cells

Revvity's frozen, growth arrested AequoZen® and cAMPZen® cells express a variety of GPCRs for binding and functional assays. By using frozen cells, the cell preparation work is done for you, removing the lengthy process of cell culture from your functional testing.

Each batch of frozen cells is validated so you can get the same reliable results with every purchase. These cells are growth arrested allowing you to better standard cell numbers following overnight incubations ultimately avoiding preparation artifacts. The frozen cells contain no traces of hazardous chemicals in the cell media and are titrated to preserve functional response.

Our frozen cells allow you to perform selectivity studies rapidly and cost-effectively and perform cellular GPCR tests on multiple receptors at a time, for streamlined screening, lead optimization and profiling.

We offer consistency, flexibility and convenience.

Frozen Cells
Tag-lite® binding assays

Our Tag-lite binding assays offer straightforward add-and-read protocols to help you characterize the binding properties of compounds, regardless of their chemical structures (peptides, small or complex molecules), or pharmacological properties (agonist, antagonist, or inverse agonist).

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