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Collection & Recycling Arrangements for Revvity Customers in Sweden

The new WEEE Ordinance 2014:1075, published on 16 September 2014, has replaced and repealed the 2005 Ordinance and introduces significant changes to WEEE implementation, notably the take-back obligations for retailers and permit requirements for compliance organisations.

The Ordinance entered into force on 15 October 2014.

For small shipments (up to 30 kg) to the recycler via logistics provider of your own choice:

For WEEE collection/transport (this will always involve a separate quote for transport/collection costs) of larger WEEE loads:

You must fill all requested fields and REFERENCE NUMBER will be assigned to your collection request.

Please keep your reference number – it can be needed for track your WEEE collection.

Any equipment likely to be contaminated MUST be certified as clean and free from contamination by following the recommended decontamination procedure prior to collection.