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Decontamination of Instrumentation & Associated Sub-Assemblies

Important Information

Customers sending electrical and electronic equipment for recycling are advised that all returned items must be certified as clean and free from contamination. A complete decontamination must be performed on all equipment suspected of being contaminated.

The Revvity customer/user certification form must be completed to certify the equipment as 'clean' or that the Equipment Decontamination Procedure has been completed for equipment suspected of being contaminated. The certification form should be signed off and attached to the outside of the box for transport. The Certificate of Decontamination to be followed by Revvity customers can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Decontamination and data removal certification

Removal of Radioactive Sources from Revvity Instrumentation

Certain instruments sold by Revvity contain radioactive source materials. Customers sending the following electrical and electronic equipment for recycling are advised that the radioactive source material must be removed before return.

We recommend the removal of radioactive source materials be carried out by a Revvity Service Engineer or an appropriately trained person.

Please contact a Revvity Service Engineer in your country who will assist with removing the source.


Prudent actions should be taken to ensure returning equipment present no health hazard to those who come in contact with these products.

Revvity will not accept any radioactive sealed source that was removed by a customer or third party.

decontamination of instrumentation