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Collection & Recycling Arrangements for Revvity Customers in Norway

Norway transposed the WEEE Recast Directive with WEEE Regulation 1772/2015 which was published on 16 December 2015 and entered into force on 1 January 2016. Norway is not a member of the EU and is not obligated to follow the EC WEEE Directive. Although the WEEE Regulations in Norway are similar to the EC WEEE Directive (as Recast) for household equipment, they place quite different obligations on the management of business equipment.

In particular, the current WEEE Regulations do not allow producers to establish their own collection and recycling systems. Instead, the WEEE Regulations require all producers of business equipment to join collective compliance systems which are operated by third parties in Norway.

The scope of the 1998 Norwegian Regulations, which is wider than the scope in the WEEE Directive, has been retained.

Distributors who import products into Norway must register with the authorities. Since Norway is not a member of the EU, products entering the country still need to clear customs and the customs codes will be used to determine whether a product is within the scope of WEEE or not.

For small shipments (up to 30 kg) to the recycler via logistics provider of your own choice:

For WEEE collection/transport (this will always involve a separate quote for transport/collection costs) of larger WEEE loads:

You must fill all requested fields and REFERENCE NUMBER will be assigned to your collection request.

Please keep your reference number – it can be needed for track your WEEE collection.

Any equipment likely to be contaminated MUST be certified as clean and free from contamination by following the recommended decontamination procedure prior to collection.