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NEXTFLEX Unique Dual Index Barcodes

The NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcodes are barcoded adapters that can be used with single read or paired-end read sequencing, and are compatible with NEXTFLEX® library prep kits designed for sequencing on Illumina® platforms, or other library prep workflows that involve the ligation of adapters to adenylated fragments.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: NOVA-514150
Barcodes: Barcodes 1-96
Unit Size: 192 rxns
Part Number: NOVA-514151
Barcodes: Barcodes 97-192
Unit Size: 192 rxns
Part Number: NOVA-514152
Barcodes: Barcodes 193-288
Unit Size: 192 rxns
Part Number: NOVA-514153
Barcodes: Barcodes 289-384
Unit Size: 192 rxns
Part Number: NOVA-514150-EVAL16
Barcodes: Barcodes 1-8
Unit Size: 16 rxns
Part Number: NOVA-514150-EVAL48
Barcodes: Barcodes 1-24
Unit Size: 48 rxns
    • 384 UDI adapters for mitigating sample misassignment due to index hopping
    • Unique dual index adapters for multiplexing up to 384 libraries for Illumina® sequencing platforms
    • Mitigate index hopping or spread of signal that can occur during sequencing
    • Each lot of the NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcodes is tested for index purity by sequencing
    • Compatible with both paired-end and single-read sequencing
    • Compatible with the NEXTFLEX® Universal Blockers
    Data Security in Sequencing Applications

    The NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcodes are barcoded adapters, for sequencing on Illumina® platforms, that provide data security in sequencing applications. Multiplexing with NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcodes increase scale while reducing costs by allowing the user to pool up to 384 libraries in a single flow cell lane. For labs who want greater multiplexing capacity, Revvity also offers a set of 1,536 NEXTFLEX UDI barcodes.

    UDIs Prevent Data Ambiguity Caused by Index Hopping

    The NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcodes utilize two unique 8 nt indexes on each UDI adapter. The 8 nt indices are designed with a Hamming Distance of at least three throughout the entire series, permitting error correction. Each NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcode comprises the entire flow cell binding site, sequencing primer binding site, and index sequences, making PCR enrichment optional. Patterned flow cells, such as those found on the Illumina® NovaSeq® and HiSeq® 3000/4000 platforms have been recognized to suffer from increased rates of sample mis-assignment during sequencing. The use of adapters with unique dual indices during sequencing prevents such mis-assigned reads from appearing in final data sets, allowing for the highest assurance of data integrity.

    Reduce Run-to-Run Sample Carryover & Sample Crosstalk with UDIs

    Even users who don’t routinely perform high-throughput multiplexing benefit from the superior design of the NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcodes. The ability to avoid using the same set of indices consecutively reduces concerns about run-to-run sample carryover and sample crosstalk. They are designed to specifically address the index hopping, or spread of signal, phenomenon associated with Illumina® platforms that utilize a patterned flow cell.

  • Barcodes
    Barcodes 97-192
    Barcodes 97-192
    Unit Size
    192 rxns
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Application Note
Mitigate index hopping and spread of signal on patterned flow cells.

This application note describes the benefits of using UDI Barcodes.