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Cellaca MX High-throughput Cell Counter

The Cellaca® MX high-throughput cell counter has brightfield and two fluorescent channels. It counts 24 samples with fluorescence in 2.5 minutes or less in a microplate-based format. A 21 CFR Part 11 module is available.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: MX-AOPI
  • Increase your productivity and streamline your workflow with the Cellaca® MX - the high-throughput automated cell counter that changes everything

    • Batch samples – run up to 24 samples at a time
    • Small sample volume – only 25 µl of cell sample required
    • Autofocus – fast autofocus prior to analysis
    • Cell based assays – data output at a single cell level enables you to do cell-based assays such as apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane potential, protein expression (including GFP and RFP), and reactive oxygen species (ROS)
    • Time course reporting – easily create growth curves with multiple samples at several time points using the customization tools
    • Automatic calculation – calculate various data points such as doubling time for individually labeled samples with an easy-to-use interface
    • Multiple configurations – choose to add up to five fluorescent filters
    • Automation ready – robotic integration ability with optional API
    • Configurable reports – add graphs, images, charts, and tables
    • Multi-language support – over 7,000 languages available
    • 21 CFR Part 11 ready – optional add-on that includes audit trail, user access control, and digital signature
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