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Cell Counting and Image Cytometry Instruments

Revvity offers a leading portfolio of automated cell counters, image cytometry systems, and cell counting reagents and consumables. Together, they provide fast, accurate and efficient ways to assess cell health and viability, immunophenotyping, and perform a range of other routine cell-based assays.

Brightfield cell counters

The Cellometer Auto T4 brightfield automated cell counter quickly, accurately and easily performs cell count, concentration, and Trypan Blue viability measurements on cultured cell lines, primary cell samples and clumpy samples in less than 30 seconds.

Fluorescent cell counters

Our range of fluorescent cell counters are equipped with fixed single or dual fluorescent optics modules, helping researchers to determine cell viability using fluorescent stains, towards more accurate and efficient results.

  • Cellometer Ascend – our newest counter with advanced autofocus, automatic sample slide detection and a glove-friendly touch-screen
  • Cellometer Auto 2000 - integrated touch-screen solution for PBMC counting
  • Cellometer K2 - optimized for complex primary samples such as hepatocytes.
  • Cellometer X2 - higher magnification for use with small cells such as yeast and platelets.
  • Cellometer Spectrum - advanced cell-based assay capabilities and flow cytometry-like data
  • Cellaca MX - high-throughput, counts 24 samples with fluorescence in 2.5 minutes or less using a multi-well microplate-based format.
Image cytometers

Image cytometers, besides cell counting and viability assessments, use advanced imaging and analysis technologies to quantify specific cell characteristics for a wide variety of biological applications. They provide detailed cell analysis at the single-cell level, unlike ELISA or protein-based assays and at a faster rate than flow cytometry.

  • The Cellaca PLX system is ideal for multiple cell-surface marker detection for immunophenotyping, as well as apoptosis and fluorescent protein expression assays.
  • The Celigo system is designed for whole-well live-cell analysis and sample characterization.

Browse our cell counters and image cytometers below.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cell Counting and Image Cytometry Instruments
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