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chemagic 360 Instrument

The chemagic 360 instrument is a flexible compact solution for automated nucleic extraction from diverse sample materials. 

All products listed are for Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures. US: For Laboratory Use Only. Not Intended For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

chemagic 360 Rod Head Sets are sold separately. Select a chemagic 360 Rod Head Set from the list below:


The chemagic 360 instrument is based on the well-established magnetic bead based chemagic Technology and the system offers a reliable solution for different sample materials and throughput needs. Configurable with three kinds of chemagic Rod Heads, the system can process sample volumes from 50 µl - 18 ml and the isolated DNA/RNA is suitable for a wide range of downstream applications such as NGS, MPLA, genotypic, and PCR.

Additional product information

Revolutionizing Nucleic Acid Isolation

Experience the future of nucleic acid isolation with the chemagic 360 Instrument. With its compact design and unique sample volume flexibility, it’s the ideal solution for various applications including human genetics, biobanking, HLA typing, and viral and bacterial detection. The chemagic 360 instrument allows you to focus on what matters most by automating tasks and reducing manual interventions.

Key Features

  • Sample volumes from 50 µl - 18 ml: Accommodates a wide range of sample volumes, providing flexibility for different sample processing and throughput needs.
  • High throughput: Processes large numbers of samples quickly and efficiently.
  • Huge kit portfolio: Offers a wide range of kits for various applications.
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination and carry-over of inhibitors: Efficient M-PVA Magnetic Bead handling
  • Various sample materials in one run: Allows for diverse sample types to be processed simultaneously.
  • Integrates in laboratory workflows: Seamlessly fits into your existing laboratory setup.  


  • Precision simplification: Experience precision and simplicity with the chemagic 360, replacing multiple instruments for a more efficient lab experience
  • Convenient and improved sample management: Streamlines your workflow for increased efficiency.
  • Intuitive Software: Makes operation easy and generates LIMS compatible log files.
  • Bar code reading for sample tracking: Ensures reliable sample tracking.
  • Revolutionary benchtop design: Saves valuable lab space without compromising performance.
  • Patented technology and kits: Leverages our patented chemagen Magnetic Bead Technology for superior results.

chemagic 360 configuration

  • The chemagic 360 instrument comes with the intuitive chemagic Software and the chemagic Dispenser 360 unit. These allow for LIMS-compatible bar code reading/sample tracking and automated buffer filling for all volume applications. The system can be configured with three kinds of chemagic Rod Heads to process sample volumes from 50 μl - 18 ml.

chemagic 360 Rods

Workflows with chemagic Kits

Our chemagic Kit portfolio comprises a large number of kits for the isolation of genomic DNA, cfDNA, total RNA, viral and bacterial nucleic acids from a variety of sample materials.

Customer Testimonials

"We are using model chemagic 360 (Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction system) installed in our laboratory for COVID-19 testing. We are running 32 min. short protocol (recently updated by the chemagen Team) and getting good result with our RT PCR. Due to this short protocol we are able to run approx. 4000 samples / day with two instruments, The instrument supplied has been functioning well, satisfying the requirements of our applications and meeting our expectations for quality and reliability of the data generated." Department of Microbiology, Government of Rajasthan, S.M.S. Medical School, Jaipur

"We had good earlier experience with the chemagic 360 nucleic acid extraction system and found it to be highly versatile, filling many existing and future needs in our operations. When the viral extraction kit and RT-PCR kit became available it was a natural choice to adopt the complete workflow from a single, reliable and local supplier." Biopsense, Jyväskylä, Finland

Customer at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York

Customer at Sampled in Piscataway, USA

Request a Demo

Interested in experiencing the chemagic 360 instrument firsthand? Request a demo today and discover how this innovative system can revolutionize your DNA and RNA purification processes. Join us in the future of DNA and RNA purification with the chemagic™ 360 instrument!

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


80.0 cm
90.0 cm
80.0 cm
140.0 kg
80.0 cm


Product name Product number No. of samples Samples volumes Tubes/Plates Processing time
chemagic 360 12 Rod Head Set CMG-371 1 – 12 0.5 mL – 18 mL 50 mL tubes e.g. for 10 mL blood ~ 55 min
chemagic 360 24 Rod Head Set CMG-376 1 – 24 200 μL – 10  mL 24 well plates XL e.g. for 4 mL blood ~ 55 min
chemagic 360 96 Rod Head Set CMG-370 1 – 96 10 μL – 1.5 ml 96 well plates e.g. for 400 μL blood ~ 55 min or for 96 swabs ~ 31min



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