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chemagic cfDNA 2k H24

The chemagic cfDNA 2k Kit H24 is suitable for the isolation of circulating cell-free DNA from up to 2 ml plasma using the chemagic 360 instrument equipped with the chemagic 24 Rod Head.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: CMG-1302
Part Number: CMG-1302
  • The chemagic cfDNA 2k Kit H24 is used to process up to 2 ml of 24 serum/plasma samples (fresh or frozen, treated with EDTA, or Streck Cell-free DNA BCT tubes). Using the chemagic cfDNA kits, you can benefit from the fast automated workflow with on-board lysis. There is no heating step required. The yield of isolated cfDNA is reproducible and comparable to manual methods and the purified cell-free DNA can be used for common downstream applications.

  • Application
    Product Compatibility
    chemagic 360 instrument
    Sample Type
    Unit Size
    240 Preps/Kit