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chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit (Manual)

The chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit (Manual) can be used for manual cfDNA isolation from 1 - 5 ml plasma or serum samples with a magnetic bead-based protocol. The use of a magnetic stand either chemagic Stand 2x12 or chemagic Stand Type F, is required.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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The chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit (Manual) is based on chemagic Technology using M-PVA Magnetic Beads for the isolation of cell-free circulating DNA. This kit can be performed manually without the need for a chemagic instrument. Process from 1 to 5 ml of sample and avoid spillages and clogs linked to spin column or vacuum-based systems with an easy magnetic bead-based protocol. The kit is sufficient for 40 preparations and all reagents are included, with the exception of water for dissolving Proteinase K, and a required magnetic stand such as the chemagic Stand 2x12 or chemagic Stand Type F.


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40 Preps/Kit
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