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Application Brief

How vendor-qualified automated methods accelerate NGS workflows

From Bench to Sequencing within Days

With the cost to sequence genomes declining dramatically, scientists and researchers are applying next generation sequencing (NGS) technology to new discoveries and clinical research applications at a rapidly expanding rate. These applications are driving the need for sample preparation workflows that prepare the DNA/RNA libraries prior to sequencing. This growing appetite for new kits plus the demand for higher-throughput solutions often mean that start-up to sequencing can take months.

The development of vendor-qualified, automated library protocols solves this growing problem. This scientific brief examines how vendor-qualified automated library protocols are shrinking the time to start sequencing from months to days. It describes how installing a vendor-qualified method eliminates much of the on-site application development, field service, and support work that are required by a custom or unqualified automated method. Case studies demonstrate the meaningful impact of these solutions on NGS application installation and start-up.

With over 35-years of experience in automated liquid handing including the Sciclone® and Zephyr® NGS workstations, and a pioneer in NGS automation, Revvity has a wide portfolio of NGS library prep automated solutions.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

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How vendor-qualified automated methods accelerate NGS workflows

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