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End-to-End Workflow Solutions

Setting up a new lab for a service facility or augmenting an existing one can be a daunting task. Once you have decided which tests you will offer and identified your lab space, you will need to set up a reliable workflow. 

With flexibility in services offered, throughput, sample input types, and library preparation chemistry, Revvity genomics workflow is future proof, growing with you as your needs change.

Next-generation sequencing workflow
End-to-End NGS workflow solutions-Revvity-rev1-712pix.jpg
End-to-end genomics workflow solutions and consulting

Our complete NGS and other genomics workflows solutions improve the efficiency of your lab and offer flexibility should your needs change. 

In addition to solutions encompassing the entire workflow from sample to result, we also offer consultancy services offering end-to-end support to meet each lab’s needs.


Adaptable and scalable solutions for varying throughput
Versatile library prep automation
Optimized library prep kits
Qualified consultancy with customized solution based on your needs

We’re here to help.

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