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Zephyr G3 NGS iQ Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 NGS iQ Workstation is a compact, fully integrated solution for automated construction of up to 96 NGS libraries. It includes a proven, high performing liquid handler, integrated thermocycler, robotic arm and all deck accessories and peripherals.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: CLS158259
  • Compact, Full Walk-away System for NGS Library Prep


    • Vendor qualified, NGS library prep methods
    • Increase degree of automation and decrease risk from manual operations
    • Compact, benchtop liquid handler with highly reliable liquid transfer technology
    • High-capacity tip storage
    • On-deck, integrated thermocycling accessories

    Decreasing Hands-on Time

    The Zephyr G3 NGS iQ workstation offers integrated and flexible storage for both tip boxes and plates that can be automatically placed on the deck in multiple locations. This increases its capacity and allows it to automate even the most complicated NGS methods. Additionally the Zephyr G3 NGS iQ workstation has a unique plate and tip box sensor enabling its robotic arm to identify the presence of an object, further reducing human error.

    The ODTC enables walk-away library prep by automating numerous library prep incubation steps including:

    • PCR
    • Fragmentation
    • cDNA Synthesis
    • End Repair & Adenylation

    PKeye Workflow Monitor

    Revvity has created the PKeye Workflow Monitor which allows you to remotely monitor your workstation from an office, conference room or even your own home. Integrating multiple on-deck cameras to this workstation, the PKeye workflow monitor:

    • Captures each instrument event (such as run start, run complete, error, manual touchpoint) in a cloud based log file
    • Remotely notifies you of errors, manual intervention needed or run status
    • Records videos of errors
    • All accessible via the web with notifications sent via email or SMS


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