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PhenoVue DRAQ5 Total Cell Nuclear Stain, 200 µL 

PhenoVue DRAQ5 is a membrane permeable nuclear stain and is part of Revvity’s portfolio of cellular imaging reagents. It exhibits far-red fluorescence and is validated for use in imaging microscopy and high-content screening applications. PhenoVue DRAQ5 exhibits a maximum excitation wavelength at 646 nm and a maximum emission wavelength of 697 nm.

View our extensive validation data in the Product Information Sheet within the Resources tab below.

For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: CP161
Unit Size: 50µL
Part Number: CP162
Unit Size: 200µL
Part Number: CP163
Unit Size: 1mL
  • PhenoVue DRAQ5 Total Cell Nuclear Stain is a lipophilic and membrane permeable far-red fluorescent DNA stain for live or fixed cells. Unlike the routinely used Hoechst 33342, PhenoVue DRAQ5 does not require UV excitation and has little spectral overlap with visible range chromophores. This property makes it readily used for multiplexing applications with other fluorophores even with rhodamine-derived probes. It is spectrally compatible with simple viability dyes such as propidium iodide, and more sophisticated functional probes such as PhenoVue ROS-490 Reactive Oxygen species indicator, PhenoVue 551 Mitochondrial Stain, or PhenoVue Fluor 488 and 555 conjugates, as well as CFP, GFP and YFP tagged proteins. This total cell nuclear stain allows robust cell event counting, while offering nuclear morphology, insights on DNA condensation, fragmentation, and cytoplasmic morphology from a weak differential staining of this compartment. PhenoVue DRAQ5 is preferentially excited by red wavelengths, with a maximum excitation wavelength at 646 nm. Its maximum emission peaks at 697 nm when bound to double stranded DNA. This stain is provided in an aqueous, ready-to-use solution which is usually added as the final step in a staining protocol. It is documented in HCS applications on imaging platforms.


    • Numbers of Vials Per Unit: 1
    • Quantity or Volume Per Vial: 200 µL (5 mM – 1 µmole)
    • Form: Liquid
    • Storage: 2-8 °C (Do not freeze)
    • Recommended Working Concentration: 5 µM
    • Maximum Excitation Wavelength: 646 nm
    • Maximum Emission Wavelength: 697 nm
    • Common Filter Set: Cy5
    • Live Cell Staining: Yes
    • Fixed Cell Staining: Yes

    Equivalent Number of Microplates:

    • 8-20 x 96-well microplates
    • 8-20 x 384-well microplates
    • 12-24 x 1536-well microplates
  • Color
    Far Red
    High Content Screening
    Imaging Microscopy
    Detection Method
    Organelle and Cell Compartment
    Product Compatibility
    Live and fixed samples
    Shipping Conditions
    Shipped Ambient
    Individual Reagent
    Unit Size


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