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Western Lightning ONE Femto Ultra, Chemiluminescent Substrate (250 mL)

When proteins are low and antibodies are precious, our extreme-level pre-mixed one-component chemiluminescent horseradish peroxidase (HRP) substrate with low antibody consumption is the right choice. Western Lightning ONE Femto Ultra can detect low-femtogram protein levels in western blots with superior signal intensity.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: NEL150001EA
Unit Size:
Part Number: NEL151001EA
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Part Number: NEL152001EA
Unit Size:
  • Our most sensitive substrate in our premier line of premixed chemiluminescent HRP substrates, Western Lightning ONE Femto Ultra offers low-femtogram detection with excellent signal intensity. Western Lightning ONE Femto Ultra is designed with maximum sensitivity in a single reagent format. Stored and ready-to-use at room temperature, the 12 month extended shelf life means you can buy and use Western Lightning ONE Femto Ultra with confidence. Unit size 2 x 125 mL.

    Comparison of Western Lightning ONE Versus Major Competitors

    Performance and Signal Duration

    • Western blotting detection of HDAC-1 in HeLa cell lysate
    • Exposure time is 120 secs for each time point
    • Images captured with ImageQuant LAS 4000 from GE Healthcare
  • Application
    Western blotting
    Western Lightning ONE
    Detection Method
    Sample Type
    Chemiluminescent Substrate


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