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Ultima Gold LLT, 4x2.5L

Ultima Gold LLT is a safer liquid scintillation cocktail (LSC) ideal for determination of low levels of tritium (3H) in a wide range of water samples. Ultima Gold LLT has a large sample load capacity, extremely low background, designed for alpha/beta discrimination, and is quench resistant.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: 6013371
Unit Size: 1 x 1 L
Part Number: 6013377
Unit Size: 4 x 2.5 L
  • Our high flash-point liquid scintillation cocktail allows you to determine low levels of 3H in a wide range of water samples without requiring distillation. Ultima Gold LLT accepts up to 54% tap water, river water, rain water and even sea water, with 3H counting efficiencies of approximately 30% and with very low background levels. When used with the Tri-Carb® time-resolved low-level liquid scintillation analyzers, backgrounds are reduced even further, resulting in minimum detectable activities of less than 1.1Bq/L-1 (500 minute count time).


    • High water capacity - up to 54%
    • High counting efficiency
    • Very low background levels
    • For bioassay of urine up to 40% capacity, allowing detection levels of less than 10Bq/L-1 (500 minute count time)
    • Heavy metal radionuclide sample capacity, up to 18% of 2M HNO3, 2M HCl and 2M H3PO4 for alpha, beta and alpha/beta counting
    • No diffusion through polyethylene vials
    • High flash-point of approximately 140°C
  • Application
    Ultima Gold
    Detection Method
    Package Volume
    10.0 L
    Quantity in a Package Amount
    4.0 Units
    Sample Type
    Liquid (aqueous)
    Solid (soluble)
    Unit Size
    4 x 2.5 L


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