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Pico Glass Vial, 7 mL, with 15 mm foil-lined, white urea screw caps, case of 1000

Our Pico Glass Vial™ is a low background, borosilicate glass liquid scintillation counting vial. High counting efficiencies compared to standard size glass vials are obtained with as little as 3 mL of LSC cocktail. These vials feature low background and are nonpermeable to aromatic hydrocarbons.

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USD 844.03
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  • Height with cap: 57.3 mm
  • Diameter: 16.7 mm; diameter opening: 8.3 mm


  • High counting efficiency and low background
  • Nonpermeable to aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Compatible with Packard's and other miniature vial counters
  • Screw cap design

Shrink-wrapped in five trays of 200 vials each with caps packed separtely.

Revvity offers high quality glass and plastic vials. The best vial to choose is dependent on the type and volume of sample to be counted and the cocktail that will be used.

Glass vials are manufactured from low potassium glass tubing. The tube diameter and the wall thickness are very closely controlled. The uniform wall thickness contributesto excellent counting reproducibility.

  • Chemically inert: suitable for use with aggressive reagents and tissue solubilizers
  • Good visibility: to check sample/cocktail appearance
  • No solvent permeation: when classical LSC cocktails are used


7 ml
Detection Method
Quantity in a Package Amount
1000.0 Units
Shipping Conditions
Shipped Ambient
Technology Type
Liquid Scintillation Counting
Unit Size
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