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Ultima Gold F, 1x1L

Ultima Gold F is a high efficiency, safer liquid scintillation cocktail for counting dry filter supports, as well as non-polar organic samples. For alpha/beta LSC counting, Ultima Gold F is an ideal diluent for Ultima Gold AB, increasing energy resolutions and pulse-shape discrimination for small volume samples.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: 6013171
Unit Size: 1 x 1 L
Part Number: 6013179
Unit Size: 2 x 5 L
  • Features:

    • Ultima Gold F Safer cocktial offers high counting efficiencies for dried filters, filter mats and organic samples - up to 63% for 3H
    • No diffusion through polyethylene vials or flat bed filter bags
    • High flash-point of approximately 150°C
  • Application
    Ultima Gold
    Detection Method
    Package Volume
    1.0 L
    Quantity in a Package Amount
    1.0 Units
    Sample Type
    Filter (dry)
    Gas (Radon)
    Liquid (organic)
    Solid (insoluble)
    Solid (soluble)
    Unit Size
    1 x 1 L