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PreciScan Intelligent Acquisition

Harness the power of intelligent image acquisition with PreciScan for more efficient high-content imaging and analysis. This optional plug-in for Harmony high-content analysis software enables you to more accurately target your object of interest for significantly reduced acquisition and analysis times, particularly valuable for 3D microtissue and rare event studies.

For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: HH17000003
  • The PreciScan optional plug-in for Harmony high-content analysis software uses intelligent image acquisition to enable a fully automated workflow of low magnification pre-scan, image analysis and higher magnification re-scan.

    This workflow can be used, for example, to locate 3D microtissues in all wells of a 96-well plate, then acquire a z-stack at 40x in the center of the tissue. Other applications include locating rare signals for rare event studies, high resolution scanning and scanning of large samples such as tissue slides.

    PreciScan is fully integrated in the Harmony workflow and all image analysis tools can be applied to the pre-scanned images to identify the location of the object of interest for the re-scan.

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